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    OFFERED DAILY:            Crab Cakes, Fried Chicken, Chopped Sirlion Steak, Country Steak, Oven Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef, Fried Fish, Broiled Fish, Fresh, Baked Pies, Cakes & Breads  


  Call 1-478-745-4759 to order, or visit a location near you.



We offer a wide variety of  delicious entrees, fresh vegetables, salads, and desserts that change daily.

As some items change hourly please call the menu line or the cafeteria main line for detailed information. 

              The cafeterias below have a daily recorded Entree Menu for your convenience.

         (These lines are automated menu lines only. To call the main cafeteria line go to     "Locations" for cafeteria numbers.)

 State  City  Address Recorded Menu Lines
 Georgia  Atlanta  2002 Campbellton, Road, SW 404-758-2201
 Georgia  Atlanta  Embry Village,  3583 Chamblee Tucker Rd.


 Georgia  Augusta  1616 Walton Way


 Georgia  Macon  3724 Bloomfield Village Dr.


 Georgia  Macon  2626 Riverside Dr.


 South Carolina  Charleston  1104 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.


 South Carolina  Greenville  1037 North Pleasantburg Dr.


 Tennessee  Knoxville  Knox Plaza,  4808 Kingston Pk.



Partial listing of food items.

All items are not available every day!

For a list of available entrees call the Cafeteria Menu Line.

For a complete detailed list of available items

call the Main Cafeteria Line Number found on our Location's Page.

Special Value Offers:

  Our Great American Favorite includes: choice of 1 from 6 or more select entrees, 2 vegetables and bread.

Combo Meal includes: choice of 4 *salads or vegetables in any combination.  *Excludes meat salads.

 *Kid's Meal includes: choice of 1 from 7 or more select entrees, 2 vegetables, roll, jello or child's dessert, and **beverage.  * Child size portions. ** Excludes milk.


Items with an* are available everyday.

 Salads  Desserts  Entrees   Vegetable  Breads
 *Tossed Salad  *Apple Pie  *Prime Roast Beef  *Whipped Potatoes

 *Yeast Rolls

 *Cole Slaw  *Egg Custard Pie  *Chopped Sirloin Steak  *String Beans

 *Corn Muffins

 *Carrot Salad  Chocolate Meringue Pie  *Country Style Steak  *Rice White, Yellow, Brown, Red, Pilaf

 *Crackling CB

 *Potato Salad * Lemon Meringue Pie  Beef Liver & Grilled Onions  *Macaroni & Cheese

 * Biscuits

 Combination Salad  German Chocolate Pie  Veal Parmesan  *Turnip Greens

 *Bran Muffins

 Spinach Salad  *Sweet Potato Pie  Corned Beef & Cabbage  Candied Sweet Potatoes

 *Garlic Toast

 English Pea Salad  Pecan Pie  Stuffed Bell Peppers  Okra (Fried or Baked)

 *Mexican CB

 Cucumber Salad  Chess Pie  Meatloaf & Spaghetti  *Browned New Potatoes

  Blueberry Muffins

 Tomato Supreme  Pumpkin Pie  Baked Spaghetti  *Stuffed Potatoes w/ Cheese  Soups
 Broccoli & Cauliflower  Buttered Coconut Pie  Baked Ham  Apples (Baked or Glazed)

 *Vegetable Beef

 Macaroni Salad  Cherry Pie  Pork Chops Grilled or Fried  Fried Green Tomatoes


 Mixed Vegetable  Apple Pie  Sausage w Peppers & Onions  Baked Beans


 Pickled Beets & Onions  Blueberry Pie  *Southern Fried Chicken  Navy Beans or Lima Beans  
 Caesar Salad  Coconut Meringue Pie  Chicken & Dumplings  Pinto Beans  
Bowtie Ranch Pasta  Chocolate Whip Cream Pie  *Oven Roasted Chicken  *Broccoli (Buttered or Creamed)  
 Fruit Congeal (Asst.)  Coconut Chiffon Pie   Chicken Pan Pie  Brussel Sprouts  
 Cream Congeal (Asst.)  Chocolate Chiffon Pie  Broiled Chicken Livers  Broccoli O'Brien  
 *Jell-O (Asst.)  *Sugar Free Pies (Varieties)   *Fried Chicken Tenders  Cabbage w/ Ham Hock  
 *Sugar Free Jell-O (Asst.)  Cobbler (Peach, Apple, or Cherry)  California Chicken  Carrots (Glazed or Buttered)  
 Waldorf  *Apple Dumplings  Chicken Parmesan  Cauliflower  
 Fresh Mixed Fruit  Banana Pudding  Chicken Breast Tampico  Collard Greens  
 Ambrosia  Bread Pudding  Chicken Marsala  *Corn (Whole Kernel or Creamed)  
 Peaches  Chocolate Pudding  Turkey & Dressing  Corn on the cob  
Strawberries   *Cheese Cake  Salmon Pattie  Eggplant (Baked or Fried)  
 *Deviled Eggs  Strawberry Shortcake  *Deviled Crab (cooked to order)  Spinach  
 Grill Chicken Salad  German Chocolate Cake  *Fried Whiting  Black-Eyed Peas  
 Stuffed Tomato  Red Velvet Cake  Fried Catfish  English Peas  
 Chef Salad  Mandarin Orange Cake  Creole Tilapia  Au Gratin Potatoes  
 Chicken Salad  Chocolate Cake  Cajun Tilapia w Roasted Corn  Sweet Potato Balls  
 Tuna Fish Salad  Key Lime Cake  *Trout Almondine  Sweet Potato Soufflé


 Fruit Salad  Yellow Cake w/ Choc Icing

 *Fried Shrimp (cooked to order)

 Baked Squash


 Summer Cold Plate

 *Pound Cake

 Shrimp Creole

 Baked Potatoes  
 Three Salad Plate

 Carrot Cake

 *Fried Clams (cooked to order)  *French Fries (cooked to order)  
 Grapes  *Brownies   Applewood Pork Steak  Harvard Beets  
 Pear Salad    Fried Trout  Grits  
  BLT Pasta Salad      Mushrooms and Onions  
       Grilled Onions  
      Spinach  Souffle  
 Crab Salad      Fried Sweet Potatoes  

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